Our Range of Custom Mats

Logo Mats

Branding is important for your business – logo, signage and advertising. An important first point in branding is when customers and staff enter your premises. A logo mat can transform a dull entrance into a brand. It can represent a promise of quality and service, distinguishing your business from competitors.

Image Mats

Customers judge their environment using sensory cues such as vision and scent.  Our high definition printing capability transforms mundane floor mats into landscapes, food offerings and service promises.  Awake customers’ imagination with images of your product.  Cakes, fruit, landscapes, cars, pets – once you have a suitable high-quality image what was an unused floor area becomes a sales opportunity.

Safety Mats

The safety of customers and staff is important for any business. Safety messages can be reinforced using our range of safety mats. Key messages in relation to risk, sight and hearing protection and the need for protective clothing can all be communicated at the point of use.

Gift Ideas

Birthdays, Christmas, new home, new baby, special occasions and childrens’ rooms.  Give a unique gift with our image floor mats.  Use our templates, or design your own for that extra special gift.

And why stop there?  Pet birthday or remembrances, weddings and even a child’s special drawing.  The possibilities are endless.  An image mat can be special, sophisticated or fun – whatever the occasion requires.  You can decide.

Our Mat Features

Made to measure


Hard wearing


High dirt retention

Machine washable

Extensive colour range

Expert advice

Go beyond functional!  Logo and image mats retain dirt and are of the highest quality.  At the same time they can work for your brand and for your product or service.

About Us

Our mission is to use mats to help you stand out with your customers.

Design led floor coverings is what gets us up in the morning. Yes, we can tell you about the pile, the type of backing or the fact that the mats have a two-year guarantee, but we’re more interested in creating a positive impression for your customers, getting them thinking about your product or service and positioning you positively with them before they buy. With the right image anything is possible – cakes, chocolate, cars, champagne, coffee, fields of lavender, sunrises, sunsets and night time scenes – anything you want.

Our Customers



Retail is becoming more competitive.  Branding can lift you above your competition.  A stunning logo mat, combined with internal image mats can really set off your internal space.



School, college or university – branding and heritage has become more important.  A high quality logo mat can reinforce your college brand.

Launching a campaign to students?  Why not use images mats, strategically placed to reinforce key messages?



The hospitality industry is all about experience – customer expectations and delivery to the highest standards.  The physical environment is an important way to underline the customer promise.  Luxurious logo mats and stunning images can further support critical brand cues to the customers.



Companies are increasingly seeing the need to brand, not only to customers, but also to staff and potential candidates.  Logos mats help with brand image and create the right impression.

Image mats can support staff campaigns – health awareness, safety or inspirational quotes.  All can enhance the environment, support branding and creating talking points for your staff.

Our Products

Our mission is to create mats that help you stand out with your customers.