Burren Smokehouse makes branding look easy!
Burren Smokehouse branded entrance mate


Branding is so important for business positioning and building loyalty.  Customers gain an impression of your business in a very short space of time.  This impression often shapes interactions now and in the future.  That’s what makes the entrance to your service so important.  How many times have you walked into a premises looked around briefly and left because you didn’t like the feel of the place?

Don’t forget the floor!

Were always amazed how many people forget about the floor when they are rebranding or renovating.  Signage, lighting, colours are all considered and then a standard floor mat is selected without much thought.  Have a look around next time you’re in a shopping area – health stores, beauty salons, cafés, bookstores – all lovely interiors, but a boring (or sometimes poor) floor mat at the entrance.

A well-designed entrance says to much

A well-designed entrance mat can say so much to customers.  The right design, image or message can really grab their attention and help form their expectations setting the scene for future interactions.

Burren Smokehouse makes their entrance work

Our client, Burren Smokehouse has embraced the importance of customer perceptions.  They have their packaging and their branding and, of course, their fantastic product!  Now they are making the floor work for them.    We would say it, but we think their logo mat looks stunning!  Buying smoked salmon for what remains of the Summer, for parties, or for a salad?  Think Burren Smokehouse!  And if you are thinking of getting your floor working for you with logos, designs or images, well you know where we are!