Time to brand your school
Branded entrance mats in schools can make a statement for visitors


It’s back to school time and it’s Winter with rain and wind a weekly occurrence (not to mention the possibility of snow)!

High quality door mats are essential for any functioning school.  They need to be large enough to capture all of those students’ feet, but also sturdy enough to hold fast to the floor and reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls.

However, entrance mats can and should offer much more benefit to your school.  We like to think of it on two levels:

Functional – as a first step the need is for  a high-quality floor mat that does its job

Branding – Secondly (but no less important) there is the opportunity to brand your school and set the tone for people entering your premises.

Our two recent customers saw the benefit of both approaches – addressing their basic requirement, but using the opportunity to position their brand in the minds of their parents, staff and students.

Why Brand?

Brands are about trust and emotional connection.  Many schools have generations of children from the same family due to their connection with their school.

Branding allows schools to define their values, creating the opportunity for people to connect with them and to feel part of a common purpose.

This connection and the ability of past students and parents to identify with their school helps gain support for extra-curricular activities, fund raising and all types of supports.

Branding is about building a community and in the end of the day that is what schools are about as well.

School Branding Options

There are many options for school branding.

Similar to these two school examples, as a first step you can have your school crest and its values on the entrance mat.

But there are other options – a statement of purpose, your school values, or even a prized award or recognition, can all be featured on the floor mat.  Not only does this create a talking point for visitors, but establishes your school in the person’s mind the moment they enter.

Need a new entrance mat – don’t waste the opportunity

If you are thinking about a new entrance mat for your school, contact us to design it for you.  Don’t waste the opportunity!  Use your entrance to make a statement and to define to everyone what your school is about.