Magnetic Attraction has come to floors!
D2 convertible flooring for more stability


Traditionally there are two ways to capture dirt, rain/moisture and germs which people bring on their feet into and around a building.

Larger companies install grid type systems at entrance points.  These can be seen in high footfall areas, such as shopping malls.  The downside of such systems is that whilst they offer maximum stability, they are fixed in one location, can’t be moved around and so can’t be used, if necessary, throughout a building.

They are also not as good as floor mats in mopping up rain and water droplets and so in high footfall areas, you will often see a combination approach of fixed and flexible.

As a result and in order to have more flexibility, many companies choose branded floor mats for their premises.  Branded floor mats offer great function, in terms of absorbency, but offer a little less stability than a permanent solution despite our standard gripper backing.


A semi-permanent solution – high stability and water absorbency

Increasing stability and function whilst at the same time offering increased water absorbency and flexibility is now possible thanks to a new patented technology, offered by Underfoot Designs. This solution, D2 Convertible Flooring, captures even more moisture than regular floor mats, whilst at the same time offering increased stability underfoot.

It does this using a combination of a top and base layer, with the base layer having magnetic properties.

The combination of a magnetic base and a highly absorbent top layer gives a sleek floor covering, which really does its job and stays in place.

The top is lightweight, easy to clean and highly absorbent.   It is locked to the base using magnetic technology.  Once paired together, the lightweight Top stays in place – it won’t move, migrate or shift – yet easily lifts off for cleaning.  For more information email us on

Here is a great video showing the magnetic holding capacity!