It’s an outdoor Summer – good branding will attract customers


We’re heading for an outdoor Summer and as businesses reopen it is important to think about your outdoor branding, whilst at the same time continuing to protect customers.

A branded logo mat at the entrance to your business lets people know you’re open again.  It positions you with your customers, whilst advertising and branding your company. 

Add to this our sanitising station with its “sanitise here” mat and you’re all set and ready to go.

Branded logo mats are essential for any business.  Not only do they help support your company image, but they also provide an essential service.  In dry, windy weather a good entrance mat will trap up to 90% of dust and dirt and stop it coming further into the building.  In wet weather it helps prevent slips and falls. 

Perhaps you’re already using plastic hand sanitising bottles, but the reality is, hand sanitising will be with us for some time to come.  It’s good, therefore to go for a more permanent solution.  Our hand sanitising station can come with a stand, or you can simply wall mount the dispenser.  The sanitiser is high quality, made by one of the leading soap and sanitiser manufacturers in the world.  It contains glycerin and aloe vera to help keep hands soft, particularly important for staff who may be using sanitiser regularly.  The cartridge is fully sealed in order to prevent contamination and the dose is adjustable, depending on your business.

To help businesses who are reopening we have a bundled offer of a welcome mat and hand sanitising station – so you can get everything you need in one place.  Contact us now for further information at