Our mission is to create mats that help you stand out.

Why Us?

We believe there are so many ways mats can be used to create an impression for customers and help define their experience.  We wanted to find a way to bring brands to life by using their unexplored potential. We love the fact that you can take almost any high-quality image, high definition print it into the mat and use it to really enhance your space.

Our mission is to use mats to help you stand out with your customers.

Design led floor coverings are what gets us up in the morning. Yes, we can tell you about the pile, the type of backing or the fact that the mats have a two-year guarantee, but we’re more interested in creating a positive impression for your customers, getting them thinking about your product or service and positioning you positively with them before they buy. With the right image anything is possible – cakes, chocolates, cars, champagne, coffee, fields of lavender, sunrises, sunsets and night time scenes – contact us to find out more.

Most mats at the moment are dull and grey, but they don’t have to be. We want to show how they can be exciting, dynamic and colourful. Think of a black and white movie suddenly being injected with the rainbow. That’s what we are doing with mats – making them vibrant, stunning and engaging.

The potential of this technology gets us so excited – there are endless possibilities in how you can customise your mat. And why stick to the floor? Our stunning mats also work as wall decor. Call us now and share in the excitement! All you need is a high resolution image!

The mats from Underfoot Designs are such high quality.  I can’t believe how good they are!

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