Move beyond the functional – add value to your floor

28th August 2019
Branded mats can promote your company and act as signposts

Like everything else in life with floor mats you get what you pay for.   Go on-line or even into some cheaper stores and you can buy a bad looking, cheap mat.   But three months later you will be back in buying another one.

The cheaper mat will curl and slip, creating a tripping hazard.  It will wear quickly and actually won’t really do the job it is supposed to do, which is trap dirt, or water and protect your floor.

It’s a false economy, but unfortunately many businesses still go down that route, perhaps not realising that even in the mat world quality counts.  A dirty worn mat does not send the right message or portray a professional, responsible and clean image.

Cheap isn’t always best

Another reason why cheap isn’t always best is that your floor mat should complement your business and should make a statement.  In all businesses the customer makes their mind up about your business based on visual cues.  If they visit your premises, offices or showroom, they will form an impression of your company within 5 seconds of entering.

Sherry Fitzgerald are a great example of this.  As shown they have used our branded mats to promote their company image, to take care of customers’ premises during house viewings and as signage under their “for sale” display.  This combination of logo mats, viewing mats and runner/signage mats works really well.

So pick a mat that makes a statement and makes your own piece of real estate (the floor) work for you.

Times are changing

Times are changing.  The days of going out, picking some cheap mat and throwing it down, without asking it to do anything for your business are gone.

Mats should work for you

And now due to Underfoot Designs’ ability to customise size, design and imagery, you can create your own unique mat  – making your own unique statement to your customers, whilst getting good quality at the same time.  There is an art in mats – in design, but also in construction, ensuring they don’t slip, roll and that they do the job they are intended to do.

Office development is often focused on walls, pictures, attractive reception areas, flowers and work spaces.  But sitting there is the floor mat, the one item which customers will see first and foremost is either ignored, or accepted as being grey, boring and “there’s nothing else out there”!

That has changed and you can change too.  Underfoot Designs mats have moved beyond the mere functional, they now can add value.  Office space is expensive.  Does it really make sense to lose an opportunity to impress customers just through lack of thought?  Contact us now and we will guide you on designing your own unique office centre-piece –