All the colours of the rainbow

13th October 2018

Premises, workspaces, offices and shops all tend to have standard interiors and layouts.  Visit a shopping mall and all of the stores look the same.  Yes, the products or services distinguish the company, but areas such as the floor can be used for branding and promotions.

Logo mats are used by some to position their business with the customer.  They can be very effective way to brand.

Image mats can create talking points for your customers, act as demarcation areas and signposts.  If you sell cakes, imagine mouth-watering macaroons at the display case, attracting customers and exciting their imagination as they make their choice.

Or if you are running a spa, why not have an image showing hot stones, or beautiful ponds, using the floor area (or even the wall area) to enhance the environment and promote relaxation.

A pet shop?  Image mats showing that cute dog or cuddly kittens encourage customers to use their imagination and encourage the buying process.

If you are planning a campaign launch or promotion why not use our range of promotional mats to feature your key message.  Use your imagination to design a mat that will become a talking point, thus reinforcing your campaign message even further!

The possibilities are immense, once you have a high resolution image.

Mats are available in a variety of sizes and colours and custom shapes.  Contact us at for a consultation and discussion about how our high definition mats can enhance and add value to your brand.  Or just have a look through our website and talk to us when inspiration strikes!