Anyone for coffee?

23rd April 2019

Whether you are an office, a hotel, a gym, a car showroom, or any other business, it’s commonplace to offer coffee or tea to customers.  Gone are the days (thankfully!) of bad instant coffee and a glass of water from the tap.

Now we have different types of espresso machines, automatic coffee dispensers and coffee stations, but whatever you have, one problem remains the same.  A throughput of people, talking, filling cups, adding milk/sugar and creating a mess!

Spills around coffee machines can be a hazard – even a couple of drops can cause a fall.  Wear and tear on the surrounding area can look bad resulting in carpets having to be cleaned (which let’s face it only happens a couple of times a year) or floors having to be mopped.

A floor mat can solve the problem – easy to clean (they are machine washable), they can help prevent slips and falls and can be cleaned down by your facilities management company.

But why just put down a floor mat, which adds nothing to the space, or even to your design on which you have spent a lot of money?  We need to start thinking differently about what could be art décor!

Create your own coffee image, or coffee slogan to define the coffee area and add a design to this, often neglected office space.  The floor mat here can be used as denoting a coffee area, but could also be used to communicate key messages for employees.  After all, apart from the washroom, the coffee area is the one area almost everyone in the company visits.

Floor mats are customisable.  You can have them square, semi-circular or even in the shape of the coffee cup!   You can be creative, or even launch a competition in your company to come up with the best design.

Whatever you decide we are always open to new ideas for different spaces.  You don’t of course, have to stop at coffee – water, wine, chocolate – the list is endless.  But what all the images will do is create a talking point, a focal point and bring creativity and branding to a significant piece of your real estate which has largely been ignored.

Talk to us now with your ideas and let us help keep your business looking great –