Autumn: mist, golden sun and swirling leaves

29th September 2020
Dead leaves and rain can make a Reception area look dirty

Autumn has arrived, leaves are beginning to fall and conkers are on the ground.  In the words of Keats it’s the “season of mist and mellow fruitfulness”.

Lovely and all as Autumn is, however, it brings its own challenges – mist, rain, wind, leaves and other dirt are constant problems for building entrances and reception areas.  Even with reduced staff numbers at the moment, it is still important to reduce the potential for slips and falls as a result of wet floors.

Entrance Audit

Now is the time to carry out an audit of your business entrance and specifically your floor mats.  Here are some of the things you could consider:

  • Is the floor mat frayed – potentially causing a tripping hazard?
  • Does the mat move about on the floor? A good quality mat should stick well to the floor.
  • What is the mat backing like – does it have a gripper structure to adhere to the floor?  Is the rubber degrading, causing further problems?
  • Does your entrance mat support your company image? In other words is it clean and neat?

We have seen many mats which portray a dreadful image for the customer or staff and which it is obvious nobody has looked at for years.  We have even seen dreadful entrances in premises that offer food – what does that say about the quality of the meal if the floor mat is filthy and torn?

As anyone will tell you image management is about looking after the small things and making sure they reflect your company values.

Talking about values, are you using your floor covering to reflect your brand image or brand promise? Don’t waste the opportunity – get a logo mat for your entrance and brand your company!

We often start new things in the Autumn – do the same for your business.  Look at it with your customers’ eyes, protect your staff and protect your floor.  Contact us for advice or to discuss your options on