Love your floor

4th March 2019
Get more from your floor

Search for “floor mats” in any internet browser and you get lots of information about slips, trips and falls and how to catch dirt.

While these are all very important, since when has the floor become so boring?  Treating the floor as an area where you have to manage hazards is to underestimate the power a professional entrance can make to your business and to your customer’s perceptions of what you do.

When was the last time you looked at your entrance through your customer’s eyes?  Next time you do, step back and really critically evaluate what you see.

Here are five tips for you to consider:

  1. Does your premises have a floor mat and is it big enough?
  2. Is it clean or does it look like it hasn’t been vacuumed or washed in a while?
  3. Is it torn, tattered or worn in places? What does that say about your company?
  4. Do you have a plain or branded mat? This is a valuable space – are you using it to reinforce your brand identity?
  5. When you look at your floor mat, how is it either contributing or detracting from your company image?

When people enter a premises, they take stock of their surroundings.  Their first impression will be the door and floor on entry, followed by a quick scan of furnishings, walls, pictures and general orderliness/tidiness.  This scan is done quickly and almost subconsciously.   Nevertheless, it helps the visitor (or prospective staff member) form an impression of your organisation before they engage with anyone.   Cues picked up in the process will form a view on the person’s mind and contribute to their overall evaluation of their customer experience.  Worn or tatty entrances will form a halo around services with a corresponding expectation from customers.

The entrance to a premises is a branding and sales opportunity.  Perhaps not a very direct one, but one which is subtle and quietly communicates an offer.

Treating the floor mat as a necessary item to catch dirt and rain is a wasted opportunity.  Add your logo or a message to get more from your real estate.  You are paying rent on the floor – make it work for you and your business.