Personalise the Season with our Christmas floor mats

11th November 2020
Personalise Christmas with our range of Christmas mats

It’s been a strange year and they are telling us it will be a different Christmas, so it’s time to get the decorations out to cheer everyone up.  It’s so nice to come into a Christmassy house!

Adding a Christmas welcome mat to your decorations is absolutely essential (so we think!).  It completes the look and gives that extra touch Christmas feeling.  What could be nicer when your welcome is personalised to your home, family or house name, elf name or even your own Christmas idea.

We have a range of beautiful Christmas templates, but we also work with clients on their customised ideas.  Either way, you have a unique floor mat which is not only serviceable, especially with the wet Winter days, but it can be washed over and over again!  There’s no need for your welcome mat to look at little drab by the time Christmas Day comes.  All our mats are machine washable, so you can have everything looking well for the important day.

We always think of welcome mats at the door, but why not at the fireplace as well, to add to the Christmas feeling?  Our non-slip backing makes our mats ideal for wooden or tiled floors and they look great in front of the fire.

We produce all of our personalised floor mats to order and they are unique to you.  For this reason, once the design is agreed, it takes about two weeks to make your mat and deliver it to you.  So get ordering now to ensure you have this by Christmas.

Have a look at our range of Christmas mat templates in our Shop – or contact us if you have any enquiries on