Seven Tips for a great Pet Photo

30th May 2019

Maybe its a gift for a dog lover, or a treat for a dog owner.  Whatever the reason you’ve decided to get an Underfoot Designs doggy mat, but you need a good photo.  Here are seven tips to help you get that perfect, unique doggy mat for your home.

  1. Relax – If your pet senses you are stressed or uptight, they will be too, so relax. Don’t make sudden movements!  If you jump up or move suddenly your pet will think it’s time to play, walk or do something else.  If you still have your shot to take, that’s not what you want!
  2. Focus on your pet’s eyes and face.  Ideally have them looking towards and ideally, at the camera. Get on their level and meet their eyes.
  3. Background search: Take a look at what is in the background.  A washing line, someone’s feet, a rubbish bin or shoes won’t add to your shot!  For backgrounds – keep it clean.
  4. Good light is really important. The best shots have bright, diffused light.  If you are in dark or overcast light it may not give you the best shot.   Remember don’t shoot into the light as otherwise you may end up with a shadow!
  5. Tell a story. Good photos – Is your pet puzzled, hiding, wanting to come in; exploring a box, having fun, smiling – what is the story behind your photo?
  6. Stay patient and calm. None of us likes to be shouted at or bossed around when our photo is being taken.  Your pet is the same.
  7. Treat your pet: Have treats to hand to coax your pet so that they forget what is happening. A bored pet doesn’t make a good photo.

What Next?

Once you have your photo send it to us for your personalised doggy mat or dog lover’s gift.

Unsure whether it will work?  Send it to us and we’ll work with you to get it right.

Need a little help?  Our partner Pawtrait Ireland will take the hard work out of it for you and give you a beautiful, striking image for your doggy mat/doggy gift.

Any other questions? Contact us at or via Facebook and Instagram.