Wet Day? A two mat solution could work

4th June 2019
You may need two mats to capture splashes

Is there anything as depressing as a wet, gloomy day.  Certainly, today is one of those!

These kind of days are difficult for everyone.  Raincoats, umbrellas and if walking or on a bike, waterproof leggings.

Yes, we’ve met those visitors from far off, sunny countries who come to Ireland to experience rain, but as Irish people we think we can safely say we have more than our fill of this type of weather.

As anyone in Ireland will tell you a bad day is not a cheerful one.  People are frustrated, they run from shop to shop, or from car to business trying to stay dry.

Entering a business is complicated too.  Some people try to shake out their umbrellas before coming inside, but others burst through the door bringing with them splashes and drips and a wet trail across your shiny floor.

Unfortunately with drips and splashes, they tend to be random.  And it is the random ones that cause the problems.  A floor can appear dry, but as most of us can attest, just one or two undetected drips can be enough to cause a slip or fall.

On days like these, one mat may not be enough.  A mat-well, is often not sufficient to collect all the splashes.  A mat further inside the door is what is needed.  Our nylon fibre mats are specially designed to capture water and splashes, helping to prevent slips and falls.

If you are opting for this two-mat solution, why not make it work for you?  Brand the mat with your logo or images of your product for maximum impact.

The floor is not a dead space, it can work and enhance your business image and messaging.  Contact us for more information at info@underfootdesigns.ie. Everyone else in the business works hard – why shouldn’t your floor mat?