Personalised Pet Mat

Spoil your pet with its own personalised pet mat.   If you would like their photograph on the mat, we will need a high resolution image from you.  Minimum size – 2Mb, but if you have an even bigger image, that’s better.

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    • (max file size 32 MB)

Product Description

We love our pets.  Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Birthday or any day, it’s great to be able to spoil them and buy them little gifts.

We’ve had so many requests from people who are searching for pet lovers’ gifts and would love a personalised mat for their pet.  They use them everywhere!  Under water/food bowls, in their pet’s favourite stretch-out area, in the car and even at the door.

One great thing about our mats (leaving aside, their fantastic quality!!) is that they are fully machine washable.  Dirty dog?  Messy food area?  Messy litter tray? – just throw the mat into the washing machine and you’re good to go again.